Home Quality Mark – MES Explains

So who and what is this new kid on the block and how does it differ from the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)?

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) scheme has been developed to fill the void left following the Government’s announcement that the CSH is to be dropped. Developers had expressed the need for some type of process to help distinguish their properties from the ‘norm’ following the demise of the CSH. This also confirmed to the Building Research Establishment (BRE) that a new benchmarking system was required.

This new system rewards developers that go the extra mile to provide dwellings that are well built, cost effective and designed to exceed expectations. It also provides a way for home owners to identify the sustainable features of new dwellings that are important to them, so they can make informed choices.

Like the CSH, the HQM is assessed on a star rating. However, along with the dwelling’s overall score, an assessment of key performance indicators is also provided. Currently these include ‘our surroundings’, ‘my home’ and ‘knowledge sharing’. The option to add others in the future will be available if this proves to be beneficial.

Because of these changes, the HQM appears to be a more complete assessment, taking many of the criteria from the existing BREEAM schemes and focusing on providing greater clarity on how the assessed dwelling performs in real terms.

Given the support the scheme has enjoyed from key industry players during its development, the HQM’s future seems bright. To that end, MES are well positioned to help you deal with this new and exciting challenge after becoming one of the first companies qualified to provide HQM assessments.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


“Thank you very much indeed. We have several more of these to do as well as SAP reports and CfSH assessments for a number of projects. We have used other consultants and found them difficult to work with. This was exactly what we needed and Matthew and Chris were very helpful- will be recommending you for all of the other work.”


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