BREEAM Assessments

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is an all-round measure of the sustainability of a building. It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design and specification.

Many planning authorities now require commercial buildings to meet BREEAM requirements and publically funded buildings will normally be required to be assessed under BREEAM. Domestic refurbishment projects can also be assessed using BREEAM, a requirement that usually a result of a planning condition or a funding requirement for social housing.

We are experts in delivering BREEAM compliance and provide a professional, no-nonsense approach to what can be a challenging requirement.

We can assess all building types using one of the following BREEAM Schemes:

  • BREEAM New Construction
  • BREEAM Industrial
  • BREEAM Offices
  • BREEAM Retail
  • BREEAM Education
  • BREEAM Healthcare
  • BREEAM Prisons
  • BREEAM Courts
  • BREEAM Bespoke
  • BREEAM International
  • BREEAM In Use
  • BREEAM For Domestic Refurbishment

BREEAM is a two stage process; The Design Stage Assessment based on drawings, specifications and commitments followed by the Post Construction Review when the building is completed.

Credits are awarded for achieving certain criteria and these are accumulated to give a final BREEAM rating. The different BREEAM ratings are PASS, GOOD, VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT or OUTSTANDING.

As fully accredited and experienced BREEAM Assessors we will ensure your building meets the required rating. Because we are also fully qualified to advise on & carry out Dynamic Simulation Modelling, Air Leakage Testing, SAP & SBEM calculations, renewable energy evaluations, daylighting calculations & EPC’s (all important parts of BREEAM) we provide a cost effective, professional service, all under one roof.

To download our guide to BREEAM please click here.

Or for further information on our wider services to gain further BREEAM credits please click here.

BREEAM Accredited Professional

We are also qualified to offer BREEAM AP services. We can therefore provide a significant contribution to the design process. Our appointment at an early stage will mean that your project will earn extra credits.

Our BREEAM AP role provides the design team with proven expert advice on built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment. We facilitate the team’s efforts to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate the trade-offs required to achieve a target BREEAM rating when the design is formally assessed.

Combining our BREEAM AP service with our role as the project BREEAM Assessor gives you the very best opportunity to successfully gain the BREEAM rating required.


“We find MES responsive in meeting our client’s objectives, offering straight forward friendly and professional advice about energy design and usage in building projects”

Steven Carroll
Snell David Architects



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