Mechanical & Electrical Consulting and Advice

Principally, buildings are for people. Building services make up a large amount of both the construction and operating costs of buildings. They interact with all five of our senses and are what make the built environment stable, comfortable and safe.

Unbiased advice can be hard to come by. We find that many of our clients are aware of their own shortcomings when they consider mechanical and electrical design. Building services are diverse and complex. We believe that simple and clear communication of concepts, options and solutions is the key to successful design.

We offer our services as independent design consultants, casting an experienced eye over proposals and where necessary challenging the design and installation team to do better. We work closely with other design professionals to ensure the architecture and interior design apprise and shape the building services.

At MES we focus our efforts on the early concept development of buildings, the strategic planning of energy systems and infrastructure; and exploring opportunities for innovative design.

As CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants and Low Carbon Energy Assessors, we have many years’ experience in computer simulation modelling allowing us to analyse and review the energy performance of buildings.

Please feel free to contact Paul Shipley to discuss your next project and place your project performance in safe hands.

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