Carbon/Energy Reduction in Existing Buildings

Existing buildings are normally very inefficient; we can reduce your energy use, saving you money and reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Most of our clients know they want to reduce their energy consumption but are unsure where to invest their time and money to ensure the greatest return.

For example; “How long would it take us to pay back the investment in a new boiler compared to changing light fittings, introducing renewable technologies or adding more insulation?” “How much money would we save by introducing some basic cultural changes to the way our staff work” or “Where are most of our energy costs incurred?”

We are experts in creating more energy efficient buildings.

How do we do this?

We will carry out a detailed review of your energy use and guarantee to reduce this, very often by a significant amount, at little cost.

Our recommendations are backed up by robust evidence of the effect of investing in an effective energy saving strategy. We can accurately predict both the cost and carbon saving before you carry out any changes.

We will assist you in setting up an Energy Saving Programme and producing an effective Energy Reduction Policy, setting realistic targets over a realistic timescale.

We can also train your staff on how to be more energy efficient at work by making easy, non intrusive changes to the way they work. We do this in an encouraging, positive way.

Automatic Monitoring & Targeting (AM & T):

We also provide AM & T (Automatic Monitoring & Targeting) of your actual energy consumption. This can have a significant effect on your overall energy efficiency.

We set up non intrusive monitors throughout your building which provide us with real-time energy consumption information. This information is automatically transferred to our offices and analysed by our software.

We can submetre the building into individual energy uses (i.e. lighting, air conditioning, machinery, departments, workstations, floors etc.) which gives us accurate information on where, when and how much energy is being consumed.

This is very useful information and forms the basis of an accurate, targeted energy saving strategy. It is also useful to identify system or equipment faults and out of hours energy consumption.

We can therefore provide regular reports on energy consumption and provide informed and accurate recommendations on how to further reduce energy consumption.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a new mandatory carbon trading scheme for organisations consuming large amounts of energy. It effects approximately 5,000 organisations in the UK including local authorities, banks, supermarkets, property management companies, retail chain etc.

We are able to assist organisations in meeting their CRC obligations. Please contact us for further information.


“Great service. We are working with you on our fourth project now.”


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