Building Pathology & Thermography Surveys

Building Pathology

Buildings sometimes go wrong and our Building Pathology division is experienced in getting to the bottom of a wide range of building problems.

Damp and mould growth is a common symptom we come across and we can assist in determining why this is happening. Ventilation issues often lead to humid internal environments and we can survey and test your building to determine if background ventilation and extractor fans are adequate and working correctly, or if it’s the way the building occupier is using the property.

For those properties with mechanical ventilation systems we can also test and set up these to ensure they are working properly and help to solve issues with excessive noise.We can also locate and remedy issues with draughty or difficult to heat buildings or properties that overheat during the summer.

We use a range of equipment to help solve building problems such as thermal imaging cameras, flow rate meters, endoscopes and air leakage testing equipment.

We are highly experienced in solving building problems and if you require further information about our Building Pathology services please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thermography Surveys

Infrared thermal imaging provides an invaluable insight into what is going on in areas of a building you would not normally be able to access.Our non invasive thermal imaging services are used to check thermal bridging issues, air leakage points, cavity wall failure in existing and new buildings, both domestic and commercial. We can also find areas of water ingress into the building fabric and leaks in plumbing & heating systems.

If you are thinking of renovating an existing property our thermal imaging services can be particularly useful to establish the issues with your specific building. This will ensure you are investing your money where it is most effective.We normally carry out our thermographical surveys at night or early morning to ensure as wide a temperature/pressure difference between the interior and exterior as possible.

Because we are also registered Air Leakage Testing engineers we can also carry out an air leakage test of the building at the same time if required (which can also assist in providing even more effective & beneficial thermal images).Our thermography survey is followed by a building survey and office based report detailing our findings and, if required, detailed solutions to the issues found (together with payback evaluations).

We are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are also registered BINDT Air Leakage Testing Engineers. We have the technical knowledge and experience to ensure you benefit from a professional and effective thermographic service.For further information please call our thermography team.


“I experienced excellent service with prompt and accurate answers to a number of questions throughout the process.  With the comfort of knowing my interests were well protected, I was happy allowing my contacts at MES to handle my situation.  The situation was well explained and a true sense of owning the problem as if it were their own was critical to getting a positive result and provided an excellent outcome on my behalf.”

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