The Party Wall Act 1996

Before embarking on your project, it is important to consider the implications of current legislation intended to regulate the rights and obligations of your work and how it may affect your neighbours. In our experience, the most common piece of legislation involving neighbourly matters is the Party Wall Act etc 1996. We produce a guidance document which is free to download and will provide you with further guidance on the Act here.

We would be pleased to assist you when you need to serve a party wall notice, if you have received a notice yourself, or if you need advice on whether the Act applies. In addition to the Act, we would be pleased to assist with regard to access agreements, crane oversail, schedules of condition, rights of light and daylight and sunlight analysis for planning. Further information on these services is available here.


“I experienced excellent service with prompt and accurate answers to a number of questions throughout the process. With the comfort of knowing my interests were well protected, I was happy allowing my contacts at MES to handle my situation. The situation was well explained and a true sense of owning the problem as if it were their own was critical to getting a positive result and provided an excellent outcome on my behalf.”

Private householder

“MES were recommended to us by our architects and provided us with rights to light advice on three of our recent projects. They are clearly experts in this field and we would happily recommend their services to others.”

Marchfield Group

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