Thermal Bridging

A Thermal Bridge (sometimes referred to as a Cold Bridge) is a link across an element of building fabric that leads to additional heat loss. For example there will be a form of Thermal Bridge where a ground floor meets an external wall or around a window or door reveal.

As new buildings becomes more highly insulated the proportion of heat loss through Thermal Bridging becomes greater.

Under the new Part L Building Regulations Thermal Bridging has taken on a more important role than in the past.

We are able to carry out thermal bridging calculations on your property to help it achieve a better Emission Rate (DER or BER). This means that the property will not have to be built to such a high specification elsewhere. If Thermal Bridging is not formally calculated default values have to be used in SAP & SBEM which can make it much more difficult (and expensive) to comply with the new regulations.

2D & 3D Psi Value modelling
For developers building a number of new dwellings we can also undertake thermal modelling of specific junction details to calculate Psi values for individual details. The benefit of this can then also be used on future developments. This reduces overall build costs even further and we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds by using this process.

To download our guide to Thermal Bridging please click here.

“MES thermal bridging calculations have enabled us to cut through the debates around methods of construction and detailing junctions. Their turn around for thermal bridge calculations was fast and the easy guide explanation as to what it all means, entirely understandable– this service is worth its weight in gold.”

Kaye Stout
Pollard Thomas Edwards


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