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All new dwellings require SAP Calculations to fulfil Part L1A Building Regulations requirements. They should be carried out at design stage to ensure the property meets SAP requirements. They are produced from plans and information sent to us on our SAP Form.

We create an energy model of the proposed dwelling and calculate the total emissions from heating, lighting and ventilating the property, this is known as the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER). It is measured in kg of Co2 per m2 per year. We also calculate the Target Emission Rate (TER) for the property which is a notional figure based on a similar property built to pre 1st October 2010 regulations with a 25% improvement facture. The DER must be better than the TER to fulfil SAP requirements. There are also minimum area weighted U values for walls, floors, roofs and openings as well as minimum number of low energy light fittings, minimum boiler efficiencies, minimum air leakage rates and minimum controls for the heating system.

Once the property is completed and the air leakage test has been carried out this result is put into the original Design Stage SAP calcs and updated to produce the ‘As-Built SAP’ calculations and also the Energy Performance Certificates. Building Control require a copy of both the SAP calculations and the EPC.

To download our guide to SAP please click here.

Commercial Buildings

All new commercial buildings require SBEM Calculations to comply with Part L2A Building Regulations. They are similar to residential SAP Calculations and are produced from plans (preferably AutoCAD) together with information sent to us on our SBEM form.

Commercial Buildings also need to emit less C02 (BER) than the Target Emission Rate (TER) as well as meeting minimum U values, minimum heating/cooling system efficiencies etc. SBEM calculations tend to be more expensive than SAP Calculations as the process of producing the energy model is more complex (mainly due to the many different uses of individual parts of commercial buildings) We also highly recommend SBEM calculations are carried out at Design Stage to ensure the building will meet Part L Building Regulations requirements.

As we are accredited to the highest commercial assessment level (Level 5), we can also provide SBEMs and commercial EPCs on the most complex buildings.

To download our guide to SBEM please click here.


“I have been using MES for several years now and I have found them to be most useful. The experience and advice they bring into a project helps overcome, what would be otherwise considered problems in gaining Building Regulation approval”

Wayne Smith
Design Visual Ltd


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