Air Flow Rate Testing & Commissioning of Ventilation Systems

The requirement to build more highly insulated and air tight buildings means that it is increasingly more important to ensure buildings are not only adequately ventilated but the ventilation system is suitable, balanced & commissioned correctly to ensure it’s effective and efficient operation.

We are able to test extraction rates and also balance whole-building ventilation systems correctly. This is not only a Building Regulations requirement but is also important to ensure the ventilation strategy is working as cost effectively as possible.

Because we can also carry out the Air Leakage Test on the building on the same day you can be sure of a cost effective, professional and accurate service.

MVHR Systems

Part F Building Regulations requires mechanical ventilations systems that can be adjusted (such as Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems (MVHR)) to be balanced & commissioned and a suitable certificate to be provided to the building control body prior to completion. An MVHR system that is not balanced correctly will not work properly (potentially leading to condensation issues) and will also be more expensive to run (and will wear out more quickly). We are experts in balancing & commissioning MVHR systems.

As the air leakage rate of the building as a whole should be taken into account when balancing an MVHR system we can do this test at the same time if required.

Extractor Fans

Part F Building Regulations also requires standard intermittent extractor fans in new buildings (such as bathroom and kitchen extractors) to have their air flow rates measured on site and the results submitted to the building control body prior to completion.

For further information about our cost effective Air Flow Rate Testing & Commissioning Service please call us.

To download our guide to Extract Fan Testing please click here.

“Leabridge Homes Ltd have used MES for our SAP calcs, thermal bridging calcs and air tests to new properties in Northampton. We are very pleased with the service that we have received and would happily recommend to others”

Adrian Tilley
Leabridge Homes Ltd


“I want to thank you for sending Mark Wagstaff to re-commission the MVHR system here today.  He arrived promptly around 7am as we had agreed, and was by far the most knowledgeable commissioning engineer whom I have met (and I have met a few by now!). He took all the readings and answered questions from the builder and system installer, who found him so authoritative that I think they have finally acknowledged that the system does not comply with building regulations.  He also explained to me a couple of things that I had not grasped, for which I was grateful.  Having had a stream of people in the house since moving in last May, he was also strikingly amiable and pleasant.”


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