Building Log Books

Building Log Books can be used to meet Criterion 5 of Part L Building Regulations. They are designed to improve access to information for Facilities Managers (FM) or others responsible for managing buildings, enabling them to improve the operation of their buildings.

Building log books are intended to give occupiers a clear and concise summary of their building, its services and intended operation. The closest analogy to a building log book is the car handbook. Drivers need an easily understood overview of the car that is always readily to hand in the glove compartment. Building occupiers need the same thing. Although buildings are more complex devices, there has never been a simple “user’s handbook” to help drive the building. The building log book actually goes much further than the car handbook as it records energy performance and changes to the building, but the underlying principle is the same.

Benefits of using a log book

  • Keeping the log book up to date will provide a range of ongoing benefits:
  • It will make managing the building easier
  • Logging alterations to the building and plant ensures a current picture of the design philosophy is always available
  • New FM’s, their staff or external contractors will be fully aware of how the building is meant to work
  • Improving the FM’s understanding of the building will enhance building management and operation
  • Building an historical record of alterations and performance should aid future management
  • It will help FMs avoid inappropriate alterations that go against the design intent
  • Logging energy performance against design estimates and typical benchmarks will help identify energy problems
  • It provides a single place to keep key information about the building
  • It links documents and information that might otherwise be dispersed elsewhere e.g. O&M manuals, record drawings etc
  • It should enhance occupant comfort, satisfaction and productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

To download our guide to Log Books please click here.

Alternatively please contact us for further information about how we can assist with producing a compliant Building Log Book for your property.


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