Part F Testing

It is very important to ensure adequate ventilation in buildings, particularly those built to a very air tight standard. As Building Regulations requires buildings to be built to higher levels of air tightness, issues can arise when it comes to the comfort of the building occupier. Air tightness will certainly reduce CO2 emissions by ensuring the heating system does not have to keep replacing warm air lost through the building fabric, however these buildings can sometimes be humid and stuffy particularly in the winter months when windows are kept closed.

The new Part F Building Regulations deals with this by introducing more stringent ventilation requirements for buildings designed to be more air tight (an air permeability rate of 5.0 m3 /m2 /hr @ 50Pa or less). This may require the use of mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery (particularly in flats and smaller dwellings) or larger than standard trickle ventilators. Don’t get caught out by these new regulations.

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