Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal imaging provides an invaluable insight into what is going on in areas of a building you would not normally be able to access.

Our non-invasive thermal imaging services are used to check thermal bridging issues, air leakage points, cavity wall failure in existing and new buildings, both domestic and commercial. We can also find areas of water ingress into the building fabric and leaks or blockages in plumbing & heating systems.

If you are thinking of rennovating an existing property, our thermal imaging services can be particularly useful to establish the issues with your specific building. This will ensure you are investing your money where it is most effective.

We normally carry out our thermographical surveys at night or early morning to ensure as wide a temperature/pressure difference between the interior and exterior as possible.

Because we are also registered Air Leakage Testing engineers, we can also carry out an air leakage test of the building at the same time if required (which can also assist in providing even more effective & beneficial thermal images).

Our thermography is followed by a building survey and office based report detailing our findings and, if required, detailed solutions to the issues found (together with payback evaluations).

We are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are also registered BINDT Air Leakage Testing Engineers and have the technical knowledge and experience to ensure you benefit from a professional and effective thermographic service.

For further information please call our thermography team.


“A really professional approach and first class service.”


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