PassivHaus Evaluations

Buildings built to PassivHaus requirements dramatically reduce the requirement for space heating and cooling. This can be achieved without compromising comfort and without using expensive mm technologies.

PassivHaus design has been widely adopted throughout Europe and more buildings are being built to this specification within the UK. It can be used for residential dwellings as well as commercial buildings.

The focus of PassivHaus specification is on the building fabric with very high levels of insulation, minimal thermal bridging, very low air leakage rates ( <1m3 / hr.m2 @ 50Pa ) and good passive solar gain through carefully sized and positioned windows. A specific space heating requirement must be achieved (<15kWh / m 2yr) and the ventilation system with heat recovery must be highly efficient.

We carry out PassivHaus modelling at design stage. We are also fully accredited Air Leakage Testing engineers, thermographers and experts in balancing & commissioning MVHR systems which means we are ideally placed to ensure your building meets the challenging PassivHaus standards. We can also carry out detailed thermal bridging calculations and daylighting evaluations if required.

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