Acoustic Testing

Dwellings that have been recently formed (i.e. new-build) or formed by a material change of use (i.e. conversions) that have separating floors or walls with other dwellings or with separating walls or floors to commercial use properties require sound insulation testing.

There are two tests which can be carried out on party structures to check the sound insulation performance. The first type of test relates to airborne sound, i.e. how well the floor or wall reduces the passage of speech, television, radio and similar sounds; the second test relates to impact sounds such as footfalls, chair scrapes or items being dropped on a party floor only.

All our sound insulation testing is carried out by ANC (Association of Noise Consultants) accredited test engineers using the methodology of ISO 140:1998 Part 4 (airborne) and part 7 (impact) as stipulated with Approved Document E – ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound.’ Results are presented in a report together with ANC certificates which are accepted by Building Control and other interested parties.

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“We have used MES several times, the team have been very helpful, they have helped us design out various costly items for our clients to make the project more cost effective whilst still adhering to current regulations, they listen to what your requirements are and tailor to your needs rather than using a standard scheme. We have further projects coming up and will not hesitate to use MES for these.”

Paul Haywood- Quantity Surveyor
Bailey Construction