Client in a reasonably Priced Car (Scalextrics)

We love playing Scalextric and have a track in the office (bit sad, we know). It’s a replica of the Top Gear test track and we love it when our clients come and have a go. Below are the top times so far this year.

Come and visit us and have a go yourself. Our very own Stig will also give you some handy hints. There’s a prize for the fastest lap.

Lap Times

7.1 Nick Hunt, Hunt Habitats

7.6 Ian Dainton, Alex McIntyre Architects

7.7 Alex McIntyre, Alex McIntyre Architects

7.7 Kate Taylor, Alex McIntyre Architects

7.8 Sammie Hall, Lindum Construction

8.0 Steve Cuthbert, Saxondale Properties

8.2 Isobel Smith

8.4 Martin, SIA

8.4 Steve Plant, South Yorkshire Housing Association

8.6 Paul Kirkland, In House

8.7 Steve Plant, South Yorkshire Housing Association

8.7 Sanjay Gurjar, EnviroVent

8.7 Paul Croughan, Envirovent

8.8 Steve Hayward, In House

8.9 Graham McMorran, UMC

9.0 Chris McCrae, Campbell McCrae Ltd.

9.0 John Thornewill, JMT Designs

9.0 Karl Baker, Approved Design

9.2 Dave Callaway, JMT Designs client

9.3 Hans Dhargalkar, IES

9.7 Adrian Tilley, Leabridge Homes

9.9 Andrew Butcher, Saxondale

10.0 Declan Joyce, Declan Joyce Photography

10.3 Andy Barradel, Lindum Construction